Cloud Computing Services for your business

Posted by admin1 | Posted in Technology | Posted on 09-01-2012


Now it is time businesses shift to Cloud Computing Services! By using  cloud computing services companies can save on the cost of investment for the acquisition of IT technology for the company’s business interests. today launched a service-based business communication solutions in the form of a Cloud Computing service virtual office that includes the following features: Email client, document management, task management, calendering, absences, IP Telephony, Web Meeting, teleconference.
All of the features they will be joined in one service pack virtual office thus you do not need to invest in expensive to get the best business communications services and very complete. No need to worry about data security problems with You, because we guarantee the network security technologies are sophisticated and reliable.
In addition You can efficiently Your communication and coordination costs with IP Telephony service that can put pressure on the cost of communication up to zero dollars! Coordination between business that requires face-to-face can be facilitated by web meeting or teleconference if necessary with a very minimal cost. You will save the company funds in particular in terms of coordination and travel service.

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