Costa Concordia Accident vs Titanic Accident

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Super yacht luxury and sophisticated Costa Concordia which carry passengers, including tourists 4.229 and crew of the ship. Included in it there are about 170 ‘s crew from Indonesia. Most of the ship’s crew was from Asia, so that in the event of accidents the occupants difficulty being informed.The average crew aboard asia can’t language Italy. Whereas passengers most of Italy.
This cruise ship had an accident which is expected to hit the Rock after two hours of leaving the port of Civitavecchia near Rome, the ship suffered a disturbance near the island of Giglio, off the coast of the Tuscan, Italy, Friday night local time.
Aboard Costa Concordia was built in 2004-2005 at a cost of US $ 570,7 million in the shipyard Fincantieri’s Sestri in Italy. The size of the ship along the 259,08 meter charges about £ 1,200 or equivalent to Rp16,7 million per passenger per night.
Passenger ship has to take its toll three people were killed and 70 ‘s passengers were declared missing. While rescue workers continued searching for victims missing possible can still be saved.
This is the image of the cruise ship Costa Concordia facilities:
1,500 cabins: 55 with direct access to the Samsara Spa, 505 with private balcony, 58 suites with private balcony, 12 suites with direct access to the Samsara Spa
5 restaurants, including two (Club Concordia and Samsara Restaurant) at an additional charge, by reservation only
13 bars including a Cognac & Cigar Bar and Coffee & Chocolate Bar
5 Jacuzzis, 4 pools including, two with a retractable covers, one for children and Toboga
Samsara Spa: 6,000 m2 on two levels, with gym, baths, Thalassotherapy, treatment rooms, sauna, Turkish bath, UVA-ray solarium
Multipurpose sports pitch, Pool deck with retractable glass roof and giant screen
Theatre on three levels, Casino and Disco
Grand Prix Simulator
Virtual world, Squok Club with PlayStation Entertainment

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Rick: If you have found the case referred to you will see a faailimr name Mr. Denis W. Boucher. He was my father who being an honourable manager did not throw his Master under a bus . However we did lose our appeal to Limit Liability but in doing so helped to set precedent for future cases. This may be why the principal Insurance Company for Carnival Group moved its HQ from the Chicago office to the London office the morning after the grounding. The insurance case can now be heard in that same Admiralty Court on The Strand.Good Watch.

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