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KNOLL has works to develop and manufacture pumps

The new KNOLL double-screw pump eliminates a haul encountered within the production of pastries, confectionery and dairy product. Its distinctive style makes it ideal for conveying, plasticizing and homogenising so-called block product, which can be as cold as -18 °C. The double-screw pump permits the block to be fed directly into the producing method.

Pump specialist Knoll Maschinenbau has been viewing this drawback for a few years. In unhealthy Saulgau, Germany, analysis has been conducted, completely different solutions developed and tests performed – ultimately with nice success. The results of the event work is that the new double-screw pump, that is good for conveying, plasticizing and homogenising block product.

At the center of this pump is one full screw and one open screw that intermesh. The result of this is often a forced conveyance, so everything that enters the pump is reliably pushed out. The intermeshing of the screws means rolls will now not be shaped. The screws are designed so the air is in a position to flow to the rear through a slender slot. The result’s an air-free conveyance of the medium, during which the flow rate isn’t interrupted. that’s a crucial think about the event that the medium is to be cut, processed or metered immediately when the pressure association.

KNOLL has positioned a gear between the drive and therefore the actual pump for synchronising the screws. That guarantees contact-free intermeshing, minimising wear and contributing to the dry-run safe operation of the pump.

Genius presents a media note latest G-Note digital 7100. This tool can be used as notes written as a binder or notebook, the difference between G-Note This does not use 7100 paper as his medium. This tool can capture notes, doodles, drawings and digital inspiration anytime, anywhere.Integrated 32 MB memory as storage media and can store more than one hundred pages wrote.Just by connecting to PC or notebook computer via the USB connection, it can transfer your handwriting is in the form of digital files and can be edited again or share it with others via e-mail.Moreover, it can be used as a graphics tablet and digital pen as a mouse.

G-Note 7100 has other convenient and creative functions. The multiple color pen recognition (black blue and red digital pens) lets you take notes clearly. Plus, you can useitsmoothly with either hand because of the rotation function. Since you can rotate your G-Note 7100 in four directions, you can also take notes vertically or horizontally as you wish. When G-Note 7100 is connected to a PC, you can use the digital pad as a tablet and the digital pen can move on the pad just like how a mouse works.

Make the G-Note 7100the professional tool in your daily life. This is the Genius promise: we bring you infinite value so ask your sales representative how you can pick one up. Key features:

  • Professional device for meeting, note taking or presentation.
  • A4/Letter size working pad.
  • Two cordless pens for digital note and tablet.
  • Leather carries bag
  • Built-in 32MB memory can store up to 100 pages
  • Transfer digital pages to PC via USB cable for editing, organizing or sharing by e-mail


Zona di scrittura 231mm x 332mm (A4)
Risoluzione 2,000 LPI
Prossimita’ (grossezza della carta) 12 mm (120pages)
Report Rate 200RPS
Interface USB
Memory Type 32MB Flash
File Format FAT16/JPG/BMP
Digital Pen 2pcs(Red, Black)
Portfolio Yes
Tablet function Yes
Rotation function Yes
System Requirements:

  • IBM Compatible PC with Pentium processor or faster
  • Available USB port
  • Windows XP/2000
  • At least 32 MB hard disk space
  • At least 128 MB of RAM
  • CD/DVD-ROM drive for software installation


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