Knowing Mozy online backup

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Online Backup is a service for back-up data online. Its use is very simple, smart, and economical to protect data from file buddy dangers like corrupt, damage hardware, or removal of data by accident. One online backup tool that is very well known is Mozy.

Mozy is one of the leading online backup service and became one of the best online backup company according to By using the data centers in US and UK, users can ensure that their data has been backed up safely.

Mozy is very safe to use and automatically back up your important data.

The service is divided into 2 IE MozyHome and MozyPro. MozyHome is the service back-up data online for free and gives you the capacity of 2 GB.

The installation process on Mozy’s easy to do. All you have to do is enter your email and password, or create a new account, and Mozy will menscanning your computer to automatically find the file you want backed up, and bring up a summary about what you would like to backup.

You can change the backup set on the next screen, but for almost every user’s default settings already more than enough to wear. According to the size of your backup sets, Mozy will tell you about the estimated time required to perform the backup process. Reviews mozy information could be seen on our website, please visit our website.

Some users may want to customize settings such as mozy, notification, scheduling, and bandwidth. Once again, Mozy 2.0 is very simple.Mozy has worked hard to make an online backup tool they become a very useful tool.

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