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Avril lavigne world domination entertainment with the first single is rumored to highly successful ‘ complicated ‘ in 2002. His talent was already evident at the time on the bench he occupied the high school and quit school at the time of her high school  to two straight class a career in music. Stars from Ontario, Canada is getting 6 platinum over the success of the first album ‘ Let Go ‘ and his career continued to be popular to this day. Many of the awards that the skater is able to add to this the single to number one on the billboard in the State of North America and some other countries. His signature style has always been a tomboy Avril although from year to year he began changing his style in order to be a little more feminine. But the trend is to make it unique and different from other artists.

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Not long ago, Avril Lavigne released his latest single entitled ‘ Wish You Were Here ‘. The song tells the love story in which a person feels lost parts of his soul when he really needed it. As love songs and other were he sing, this song contains lyrics that are quite deep and many faced by the listener. Video Clip of him describing someone who is lonely was played by Avril Lavigne herself in an empty House that was not well maintained. Videos simply turn on words that are derived from the lyrics.

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