Panning techniques for photographers

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Photos taken by the pan-motion techniques (panning) will add a touch of ‘ drama ‘ in the result. This technique is usually used for taking pictures of sport or photo news. Well to take a photo of this type, You need a camera with manual controls, the subject is moving, as well as patience.
Panning techniques require manual focus so that the camera lens does not perform auto focus on the background rather than on the subject. Also the camera must be in continuous shooting mode, burst or bracket. When photographers aiming correctly, then the subject would look still and the background will blur.
Here are some tips for creating photos with panning technique like the one quoted detikINET from PCWorld, Thursday (3/10/2011):
1. set the Settings Shutter
All DSLR cameras have the option of manual. First, select the shutter priority mode normally-symbolized by the’s ‘ or ‘ Tv ‘.
Set speed (shutter speed) in this mode so that the camera live determine exposure (aperture) based on available light. If You use the manual setting, then that should be kept in mind is the slower shutter speed, then the higher the number of openings (f-stop) to wear so that subjects stay focused.
A number of images that result from this technique may be less satisfactory because the subject matter is less clear. Use a tripod for panning photos results more satisfying to avoid shake hands.
2. Select a Background
In addition to the technical problem, images panning also depends on the quality of the background. Best for this type of photography is the setting that has interesting colors, lots of detail and allows focus on the subject of targeted advertising.
You can set the shutter speed to pick a bit much detail background to be included. The faster the speed, then the more detailed background is generated.
Be sure also to balance the light in a composition. Usually, the light that falls on the subject should be the same with the light that falls in the background.
But not sealed if You want to do the combining of light. For example, You could put the subject in the light of the Sun and the background in a rather dark place to increase the focus on the subject.
The ideal time to take a photo when panning is golden hour i.e. before sunset or sunrise. During these hours, the resulting light will look warm, suitable for the shutter speed is slow.

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