Rumor launching iPad 3

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Issues of iPad Apple 3 is supposed to arrive in March this year. Some say that it may be, within two weeks, iPad3 will beat its competitors.
If we compare with Apple’s previous release, it will be perfectly suited as a first model of the iPad comes in April 2012 and iPad 2 arrived in the last week of March.
According to a report from Bloomberg, “Apple will combine HD iPad3, and small screen pixels will give the image the look of a printed material. Quad-core Chip will improve the efficiency and speed with 4 G LTE support.
The report also stated that the LTE brings iPad Apple iPhone gadgets before the latest technology as a force and a larger battery support tablet. Bloomberg received this report from three different sources related to the product.
The report also points out that Apple had started production of these gadgets in Asia manufacturing units, such as partner Foxconn in China is running a whole 24 hours a day.
The IPad’s launch had previously been a big hit that generates more than $ 25 billion in sales revenue. Many companies are trying to come to the iPad but failed; However, Cupertino had hoped that the device will be a favorite choice of consumers.
Rumors also said that iPad may 3 would not be good enough to hit a target, such as the iPhone 5 iPhones 4S and fail to do so. At the moment is the only answer to all these rumors.
Another difference with Reuters. Reuters reported that this new iPad 3 will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. Even Digitimes beginning last July said that Taiwan is a country that is a component supplier base preparing supplies for iPad 3 and iPhone 5 production.
Reuters reports that iPad 3 new will be issued in the fourth quarter of this year. Moreover, as early as last July, Digitimes reported that Taiwan constitutes a base component suppliers are gearing up for iPad 3 and iPhone 5 production

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