Smart tv android launch at 2012

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In 2012 it seems like every technology will keep growing. Start of development of technology on gadgets and various other things. Maybe one of them is on TV, where in 2011 and is booming TV 3D TV or TV and Smart smart. So do not be surprised if in this year there will be progress on the TV.
Like this one, that is on TV that has a few advantages of Smart. Even a company developing electronic technology Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich in Smart TV, so the TV will become smarter. Smart TV that comes with Android is named K91 Smart TV by original poster.
Smart TV Android has some advantages compared to other Smart TV is:
· Features voice control: give an order using only the sounds so that makes us so much easier and more practical.
· Remote control: Equipped touchpad sensor sensoring.
· 3 main features: Video on demand, internet applications and regular TV programs.
Not only that, Smart TV K91 LED screen HARD IPS 55 inch PANEL that can display full HD 1080 pixel resolution and capabilities for 3D technology. With the capability for 3D technology, K91 Smart TV allows us to be able to watch 3D movies on TV is smart.
K91 processor technology are also equipped with clock Qualcom 8060 Snapdragon 1.5 GHz dual core, 240 Hz refresh rate, RAM 1 GB, 8 GB of storage, 2 GB SD Card and built-in camera 5 MP. The camera features in Smart TV, we could do video calling.
K91 Smart TV Specification:
Display: LED
Resolution: Full HD 1080 Pixels
3D Support: Yes
240 Hz Refresh Rate:
Operating System Support: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwiches
Processor: Snapdragon with Qualcom 8060 clock 1.5 GHz dual core
Memory: 1 GB
Storage: 8 GB
Port: 2 GB SD Card
Camera Support: built-in Camera 5 Megapixels

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