Blackberry OS 7.1 vs OS 7.0 Review

Posted by erlan | Posted in smartphone | Posted on 28-02-2012


BlackBerry RIM finally released in 4.4 event CES 2012. OS 7.1 is present with features of the most-awaited since 2011 features a mobile hotspot. For users of OS 7 was able to update the BB to OS 7.1 in a way that is in the article Update BlackBerry OS
BlackBerry features 7.1
Mobile Hotspot: mobile hotspot feature allows BlackBerry owners create personal hotspot becomes handphonenya. BB will be able to share your internet connection up to maximal 5 device (laptop, pc, hp, or tablet).
Universal Search: even though universal search has been present since version 6 but is now progressively enhanced with direct access to filter search results from Bing search engine as you type. BlackBerry tags: using NFC features that allows BlackBerry users with NFC capabilities for sharing media, files, as well as invite contact BBM.
Wi-Fi Calling: with BlackBerry 7.1, users can make calls using Wi-Fi networks (UMA-lite or GAN-lite). Unfortunately in Indonesia there is no cellular service operator that supports calling via Wi-Fi.
FM Radio: good news for users of BlackBerry Curve p09735/9380 due to presence of such OS 7.1 to add features to catch broadcast FM radio, this may happen because the hardware Curve p09735/9380 already has a built-in FM radio.
BlackBerry Maps: maps on BlackBerry will be improved so that it is able to display the discount offers, coupons, as well as direct melepon shops that offer promotion.

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