History of AK-47

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The history of the creation of the AK-47 beginning in 1941. At the end of september 1941 Germany army entered the city in the Soviet Union (now Russia, red) named the Bryansk and destroyed nearly 80% of the city’s infrastructure and killing more than 80,000 people. A local soldier named Mikhail Kalashnikov which when it was 21-year-old had to be hospitalized because of his tank was hit by artillery fire from forces of Germany. For hospitalized Mikhail Kalashnikov obsessed to create a weapon that can repel Germany troops from his hometown. Finally in 1947 Avtomat Kalashnikov (AK-47) allowed for the first time to be mass-produced. Although AK-47 came a bit too late to get involved in the action of the second world war but the Soviets understand perfectly well that the AK-47 and ak part can be the most important weapons in the modern world so they work very hard to hide the existence of the AK-47 of the Western world. Soviet soldiers carrying AK-47 they are covered with a special bag and they even picking up their casings to conceal their new weapons.

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