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The advertising market in our country is actively growing, the annual growth rate of 25-30% and in some segments even more, for example, advertising on the Internet. To open a werbeagentur not need to invest a lot of money, the minimum amount that you can do is 10-12 euros. Return on own advertising agency, to the envy of many other types of business, if you’re lucky, could reach six months. But all these figures may be quite different, as a rule, successful in the advertising business people with experience in this field, and experience accumulated from its customer base. And the newcomers, attracted by easy money, often having worked for six months, eventually being forced to close.
Taking the decision to open werbeagentur, novice entrepreneur should pay attention to several issues that are specific to this type of business.

First of all, the advertising business – services. Find customers the newly opened werbeagentur not so simple. To the demand for advertising services was a good addition to other things, they must meet certain requirements.

Completeness, i.e. the service must be provided in the volume, customer satisfaction, and achieve goals as pursued by the customer.

The complexity of services means by itself that the money paid for the customer will receive a product that will not require further elaboration, location and device. The service is provided to study the idea to its actual reports to the consumer (used for full-RA).

The cost of services must be justified to include all costs of artist and have comparable performance with similar services offered in the market.

Efficiency and speed of execution services of interest to any consumer, as ordering the advertisement, the client expects to receive it in a reasonable, preferably the shortest possible time.

Quality services should be on top. Even if the customer does not understand the advertising (and often is), he should understand that paying money for a good, quality, sells advertising. In this he has to convince the manager of a leading client.

And finally, any service will be in demand in the market if it is available the maximum possible number of targeted consumers.

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