The 5 Most beautiful and sexy Hacker in the world

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What you have in your mind when hearing the word hacker? People look like nerds with thick glasses? First get rid of the shadow. As it turns out, this woman’s hackers 5 might be able to change your view.
1. Kristina Svechinskaya
She was a student at New York University. Kristina got popular because of its success breaking into millions of dollars from several banks in the United Kingdom and the United States.Along with 9 others, Kristina sucking money from thousands of bank accounts before being caught by November 2010. Hackers use this gorgeous Zeus Trojan Horse viruses to attack accounts. Many people agree that he is one of the sexiest hacker ever.
2. Ying Kracker
Her face is sweet and innocent looks unlikely to make people think that Ying was a hacker. Ying’s own profession as a teacher in Shanghai, China.
She teaches the basic steps of the process of hacking, like how to change IP Address and how to manipulate the password. Ying also is an expert in creating special software hackers.
3. Joanna Plan
Joanna is a woman who is very interested in the Poland world of hacking. But the difference is, she’s more focused on how to build a security system to prevent the occurrence of such crimes.

Beautiful woman was first known as the show Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas in August 2006. In that time he presented himself by breaking into the security system in Windows Vista. Not only that, Joanna also managed to break through the Intel System Management Mode and Trusterd Execution Technology.

Since then, Joanna is frequently invited by various software companies to give advice about their security systems.
4. Raven Adler
Gothic girl became the first woman to do a presentation at the DefCon Hacker Conference. But she argued that she did not want to be known only as a hacker.
Raven is more happy if popular due to its ability as a hacker is recognized by others. Later, she was active enough to design, test, and audit security detection in different agency.
5. Xiao Tian
The Hacker faced this oriental elegant and fashionable. Feminine appearance is inversely proportional to her ability to break security systems. Xiao Tian indeed claims to be very interested in fashion.

She first known at the age of 19 years. stud earrings and One of the victims is not another company owns the world’s largest search engine, Google. At that time, Xiao Tian and his team attacked the system infrastructure of Google China.


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