The best Android Games

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With the open source Android carried on a wide array of applications, could be available in the Android mobile phone devices. Ease it makes Android has the second largest number of applications after the iOS.

this time we will discuss the 10 best Android Games 2011.
1. where’s My Water (0.99 price US dollars)
Disney entered the game compiled into physical puzzle game mobile phones, where players are challenged to get the water to a swamp. Design of a varied and ingenious puzzles make this puzzle game is exciting. The animated swamp is also very good at this game, and making the players intrigued to try more than 140 puzzle featured in this game. Plus the prices are cheap (0.99 US dollars), this game deserves to occupy the first place.
2. Muffin Knight (2.99 price of US dollars)
Departing from the PC game Super Crate Box, coupled with RPG-Style layer for the development of the characters, this game becomes interesting action games. Variations in levels and weapons are fun to navigate. Each session is very short, it is good for casual gamers who only occasionally has time to play games on mobile phones. Wireless multiplayer allow players can fight owned other players that use different operating systems, for example the Android with iOS.
3. Star Legends (free)
This Game uses a futuristic MMORPG where players will easily conform to conduct the war. It’s easy to join in one mission and fight with others at random. This Game is also cross platform so that it can be played with a fellow Android users, as well as with the iOS and the user’s web browser Chrome.
4. Plants Vs Zombies (price of 1.99 u.s. dollars)
PopCap brings the best game since beginning of the year 2011 for Android. This Game is a strategy game that combines elements of the stockade and Tower Defense. The new elements introduced by the simple way so easily adapted by the casual gamer though.
5. Reckless Getaway (price of 1.99 u.s. dollars)
Advantages of this game instead of relying on the potential devastation caused romp with the police. Driving skills and destroy other cars selectively is the challenge of this game.
6. Robotek (free)
The core of this game is that we control the robot. Players will be able to mengoontrol the robot to fight save the world from monsters. The battle involves the use of a strategy to strengthen the defence or relinquish the devastating attacks. With a fantastic atmosphere, this game is more enjoyable than those games plantation.
7. Sonic CD (price 2.99 US dollars)
Ini adalah game klasik Sonic pada perangkat PC yang dibawa ke platform mobile. Seperti versi aslinya, Sonic Game hanya mendapat pembaruan di beberapa fitur untuk keperluan perangkat bergerak. Game ini bisa dimainkan di ponsel pintar dan tablet, dengan soundtrack Jepang dan Amerika serta kemampuan teknis yang sudah disempurnakan.
8. Age of Zombies (price 0,99 dollar AS)
Game ini cukup mendebarkan karena pemain harus menghindar dari gerombolan Zombie yang terus bermunculan. Zombie-zombie tersebut bisa dimusnahkan dengan senjata dual stick yang dikembangkan oleh pencipta game Fruit Ninja.
9. Cut The Rope (0,99 dollar AS)
Permainan puzzle fisik milik ZeptoLab membuat transisi untuk digunakan di Android. Game ini dikreasikan dari beragam level yang telah dikembangkan di versi iOS. Karakter protagonis Om Nom masih tetap mengganggu dan menjadi animasi yang sellau ada.
10. PewPew2 (price 2,99 dollar AS)
Game ini menggunakan penembak dual stick. Selain menawarkan level-level yang menantang, game ini juga menawarkan variasi endless mode. Kombinasi dua faktor, yakni kontrol efektif dan gaya grafik berbasis vector adalah daya tarik game ini.

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