US and Europe had passed Google to acquisition Motorola

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Regulatory policy in the United States has approved the acquisition valued at US $ 12.5 billion, does Google do with Motorola Mobility. This endorsement obtained a few hours after the previous was also endorsed by the Regulatory Policy in Europe.
As quoted from the page the BBC agreement between Google and Motorola is considered to be the European Commission does not interfere with the market competition to the operating system for mobile devices.
However, the US and Europe will still be doing surveillance of the company. In addition, the use of patents their competition is also regulated.After taking over from Motorola, Google does reserve the right to use the 17,000 patents owned by Motorola Mobility.
Although approval in Europe and the US, this deal still requires endorsement from China, Taiwan and Israel.European Union competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia, said that the agreement, Motorola Mobility with Google does not threaten competition. “But the European Commission kept an eye to the behavior the player market in the various sectors, particularly in improving the use of patent strategy,” he said.
Almunia’s statement was contrary to reality. For the last month, the European Commission initiate an investigation against Samsung that uses key patents in the undercut their competitors.
An Important Milestone
Responding to this, Google’s Vice President, Don Harrison said the endorsement of the European Union is an important milestone for the company. “The combination of Google and Motorola Mobility would greatly enhance Android,” said Harrison.
“It will also stimulate competition and innovation that offer consumers more quickly, more options are great, and interesting use of experience,” he said.
Google and Motorola Mobility Agreement did indeed raise questions as to the future of Android: does Google keep makes Android as an open operating system that can be used in other devices such as Motorola, HTC and Samsung?
Google’s own Android would be repeatedly guaranteed the operating system open. Agreement with the Motorola Mobility has also called for other business strategies, and an associated Android.
Regarding this, the European Commission has mengamini Google’s statement. “This doesn’t make Google Android limit the use of limited only to minor player on Motorola, European Economic Area.”

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