Buying First Camera Tips For Beginners

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As a teacher and a lot of people who “talk” about photography, the most frequently asked question to me is: “I am a beginner in photography. There is a recommendation of what most good camera for me? ” Or any other question that is often asked: “I just want to try a hobby where good photos, Canon or Nikon well?”. Such questions are almost always asked each time I teach in the classroom or become a speaker at various workshops. Then how I answer those questions? To give feedback the following questions) Well, I’ll give feedback questions that I ask that be answered properly. Because every answer will give you a good overview on them, what camera is suitable for them. So here are emphasized for those novice or first time buy a camera is not looking for a camera that most good or at least better, but to look for is a camera that is best suited for them. If you are a beginner in photography and intend to buy the camera first, please answer the questions below and discover which camera is best suited for you.
1. What is the purpose of you buy a camera?
What is the main reason you bought a camera? I think at this point there are two main reasons to buy camera (three if you’re a student who took a photography class). First for the purposes of documentation (usually for family photos, events with my friends, the Show Office etc) and secondly because you want to live a hobby of photography. If you are a student participant photography courses could be the third reason is to ease You through the class (working on tasks, etc.).
If your main reason is for the purposes of documentation or in College, then my advice buy a camera kit. The cameras were sold in a single package consisting of a camera body and lens kitnya (usually 18-55 mm lens). Then if the budget allows the next step is to buy a telephoto lens (because usually the camera kit does not include package telephoto lenses inside them) like the 70-300 mm. at this stage you already have 1 camera body with lens 18-55 mm lens (for indoor shooting and wide) and 70-300 mm lens (for outdoor photo shoot and photo objects that are far away). For the purposes of documentation then what you have today is enough. If you are not too fond of gonta lens, then you can sell the kit lens 18-55 mm lens and use the money for these lenses sale proceeds to add budget, buy a lens with a focal length that includes wide until tele (commonly referred to as the lens “broom jagat”) such as lens 18-200 mm. Or other options at the time of purchase, you just buy a camera camera body only, then bought some lens 18-200 mm apart.
2. How do you prepare your budget?
Budget, will determine the type of camera and lens you can buy. Does not specify the brand or the brand. Outline of photographic equipment can be divided into categories according to the price:
Category beginner (Beginner)
Category semipro
Category pro
Category beginner, usually the camera is available in a kit package (body + lens kit). This camera is aimed at beginners who are first time using SLR cameras or those moving out of pocket or prosumer cameras. Price range at the time of writing was created about 4-6 million rupiah for the latest beginner camera kit package. Within this category there is one sub category that the category of “serious amateur”. Usually these cameras are intended for those who are used to using the camera just for documentation with Starter camera, now one of the largest photographic hobby more seriously. This type of camera is also sold in the form of kits, also available as a body only (BO). The price range for BO is about 7-10 million rupiah.
For the semipro camera is a start is designed for the professional photography. Features that are not designed for beginners. In this category range in price for BO is 15-20 million rupiah. As for the category of professional camera already costs soared to at least 30 million rupiah for BO.
If it is your first time buying a camera then my advice is to buy a camera on the category beginner course. If there are more budget, can directly buy a camera on the category of serious amateur. I do not recommend to directly buy camera semipro let alone pro. Better the rest of the box office, redirected to buy lenses only.
3. in the neighborhood nearest you, what brand is the most widely used?

Well this question will answer brand of camera what you should buy. When I asked which is better Canon or Nikon, then I would reverse this question asked with:) See Your closest friends who have cameras, which had a hobby of photography, which is often the way together with you, which will often be hunting together with you.

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