Difference NewiPad with iPad 2

Posted by erlan | Posted in smartphone | Posted on 20-03-2012


After the long-anticipated, Apple finally unveils the latest iPad. But what difference this iPad with iPad 2?
To quote the official website of Apple, the main difference that looks significantly is the new iPad comes with retina display technology. Resolution on the screen 9.7 inches ever so of 2048 x 1536p.
Obviously the iPad has a display image that much sharper, clearer, and more clearly. IPad 2 will not use the retina display and the resolution is only 1024 x 768p.
This latest IPad is also capable of running on 4 g LTE network, whereas the iPad 2 could only be in the 3 g network. Bluetooth connectivity with any fixed with Bluetooth technology 4.0, which is better than Bluetooth 2.1 in the iPad 2.
The other difference is on the inside of the tablet. This new IPad using chip A5X. This is the chip-chip development A5 used in the iPad 2.
Other technologies developed in the new iPad is camera. IPad is now equipped with iSight camera 5 MP autofocus and features face detection in still images. For any video recording High Definition 1080p resolution already. Compare with iPad 2 which only 720 p HD.
However, this new iPad doesn’t have a physical appearance that looks strikingly different. New IPad still has the same dimensions and weight with iPad 2, in two models of color, black and white.
However, the emergence of new iPad Apple lowered the price of the iPad 2. This somewhat reasonably see improvement technologies do.
But unfortunately, the new iPad users in Indonesia have not been able to optimize features 4 g LTE. Because up to now and LTE 4 g network in Indonesia untapped commercial for users of mobile devices.
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