The best antivirus for Android

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Antivirus Android. For mobile phone users are familiar with the name of the virus, not just a cell phone, laptop or computer are also frequently exposed to the attacks of the disease which is very annoying.
For you Android users install Antivirus wajiblah if you guys at Android phones you, in order to secure from virus attacks and naughty things that are not in want. And this time I have some Antivirus Recomended to you put it in your Android phone you guys. The Following Is The Best Antivirus For Android:
AVG Anti-virus Mobilation
Like antivirus on your PC or laptop, AVG is very good, so if installed on android phones. The advantages of this antivirus is able to protect your mobile from viruses, malware and exploit in real time.
NetQin Antivirus
There are three Uses of this antivirus is as follows:
Eradicate the malware, spyware and viruses.
Able to do a thorough protection against android devices from viruses, malware and spyware.
Keep the keep maximum system performance.
Lookout Mobile Security
The advantages of this antivirus is going to do to protect your mobile phone with the maximum security from the Lookout. It is the first security aplikais for android.
Super Security
The usefulness of this antivirus is helping to secure from malware attacks.
Create private data more secure.
Norton Mobile Security
The usefulness of this antivirus is protecting from viruses, malware and exploit. megeliminasi any threat of such attack harm before the threat of android system.
ALYac Android
The advantage is to protect from attacks by Malicious files and do the scanning for malicious applications running.
Dr.Web anti-virus Light
Can Protect from viruses and malware and able to do the scanning system files including hidden files and private. If a threat is detected then the threat will enter quarantine. (nearly the same as if the computer smadav).
GuardX Antivirus
Free antivirus application that is able to protect all applications from malicious attacks and spyware. This antivirus Data base is large enough and guaranteed safe if you use in the android phone you guys.
Avast Mobile Security
Well if on a PC I usually use avast antivirus security system for this. Nice also if a try in your android. The advantages of this antivirus is an Antivirus and Anti Theft security for your Android phone and protect personal data with automatic virus scan and infected URLS of alerts.
That’s some of the Best Antivirus for Android. Please you select according to their respective desires for security of your android phone. Hopefully all of you mobile phone safe from malicious viruses. hehehe.
Up to here just my post this time about the best Antivirus for Android. May be useful.

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