Facebook Makes A ' Search Engine '?

Posted by erlan | Posted in news | Posted on 01-04-2012


Facebook, the social networking giant creates a buzz just unrelenting. Now Facebook trying to create a new search engine. Search Engine Optimization or search engine will work to assist people in navigating all the social networking Facebook.
This search engine-making projects, carried out by two technicians in the lead by the former technician internet giant Google, namely: Lars Rasmussen. Quoted from an anonymous source, the main purpose of Facebook for this project is help in filtering out the amount of content that is contained on its site. For example such a status update, videos, articles and other information contained on Facebook, there is a ‘ like ‘ button.
So far, social networking Facebook not so do a lot of changes to improve the search engine located at the center of the top of the toolbar, and the performance of the search engine for now is Facebook allows its users to be able to find other Facebook users, brand or company, updates the status of the others as well as some of the results from a web search through cooperation with Microsoft-owned search engine, Bing.
Some changes, such as display, and so on, make Facebook ignores those small search engine. And if Facebook actually makes search engines for social networking, Facebook will compete with the biggest search engine, Google. And that has a lot of we know, that the internet giant has been moving towards in terms of direction, namely the existence of Google’s social networking +.
Although the news on Facebook that makes search engines being crowded is rumored, but a spokesman from Facebook itself was reluctant to comment on this.
Let’s wait for more information. Then, how do you think, if Facebook compete with Google by creating a search engine, not just find the Facebook users, but also other things like search engine Google? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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