Instagram for Android

Posted by erlan | Posted in Software | Posted on 08-04-2012


Today finally came also create user Android phone after waiting for quite a long time and tricked so many fake Instagram app. Instagram has been available for mobile phone operating system Android.
So far, the number one mobile photography application is only available for users of iOS devices that can. Instagram exclusivity could makes users envy other smart phones.
All the observations, there are no special features which distinguish Instagram for iOS and Android. Most of the features and the design is still the same.
Android mobile phone operating system Froyo up can immediately enjoy this application. That means almost all Android phones can use Instagram. You can download Instagram for Android is here
Within one night only, this application has been downloaded over 30 thousand times.
Recently, Instagram also released official statistics related to its services. These stats break down the curiosity of many people associated with how much actual activity on Instagram. Instagram currently has more than 30 million users, 1 billion photos uploaded, and 5 million photos uploaded per day.

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