SMS and Phone Calls Blocker for BlackBerry

Posted by erlan | Posted in Software | Posted on 15-04-2012


If you receive a lot of nuisance telephone to your BlackBerry or SMS, you can block it with the application of DDM-Dont Disturb Me for BlackBerry. The application does not only block the telephone entry but also SMS. Probably not everyone needs this feature, but if you feel SMS of a people interrupting you, wear the application to block incoming SMS DDM.
You can Block spam SMS with sender number or with embedded example keyword/keywords! Block phone that you do not want to receive from a particular person! Use the password for the key settings application forms DDM. Makes the filter directly from SMS SMS application. Setting how the application will inform you notify DDM when there are SMS/Phone has been on the block.
Don’t Disturb Me! (DDM) is that the Ulitmate SMS & decision firewall on BlackBerry platform! Block the spam sms messages by the sender’s range or by the keywords! Use DDM to dam unwanted calls! Use password to safeguard DDM’ setting! produce sms filter directly from messaging application! Configure how DDM can notify you when a SMS / decision has been blocked! DDM meets all the necessities of block spam SMS and unwanted calls!

1. block sms by sender’s range or range prefix.
2. block sms by user outlined keywords.


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