Be Wary Of Fake Instagram App

Posted by erlan | Posted in Software | Posted on 03-05-2012


In addition to successfully attract the attention of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Photo app Instagram, the popularity of fishing also perpetrators of cyber crime to be creative. Then, it’s been circulating false Instagram app.

According to security company Sophos, the purpose of the application of it to drain money from the user via an SMS message. This is a new mode of crime.

Sophos has identified the alleged imitation Instagram created the criminal origin of Russia. This application is loaded in a site other than Google’s Play. If you download it, malware will send SMS messages from Your Android device.

Alas, Sophos does not explain how the cyber criminals were making money from text message that was sent. These popular scams usually sends a text message to a premium number that will charge a fee on the account of the user.One way to identify if you download this application by looking at pictures of people far right in the photo below:

The images in the File.APK Application Instagram Fake

According to Sophos as quoted from, several versions of this photo appears in the file.APK application is false. Some people identify this photo as a meme from Russia.

“Perhaps the reason this photo is loaded multiple times to change the trace file.APK with hopes of anti-virus scanners are under development to be fooled by not recognizing this application as malicious packages, “said technology consultant Graham Cluley, Sophos.

This comes after the Malware reaches 5 million download Instagram less than a week since the release on April 5.

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