Google Will Launch A Tablet?

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Google reported will sell tablets Androidnya exclusively in the online store. Rumors of the sale of a Google tablet that had previously been spread out over the last few months.
The rumor that blow, Android tablet that will be positioned to challenge Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Other news: Android tablet will be 7 inches is priced at US $ 149 and $ 199 which directly compete with the Kindle Fire. According to DigiTimes page mentioned internet giant is planning on teaming up with Asus to launch a cheap tablet.
The Wall Street Journal wrote that the tablet will be present with the brand “Google”, while the company will employ Samsung and Asus to make hardware. Rumors also say that Asus will release a tablet later this year via Google’s online store.
If this internet company finally presents online store, means Google will compete with the Amazon Kindle, which sells through But it is unclear when Google plans to launch an online store.
By selling directly to the consumer tablet, Google will compete with Apple’s iPad debut leading the market two years ago. Sales of Android-based tablets made by Samsung and others have slowed down compared to the previous one.
Carter’s research firm Gartner predicted Apple would take the market 73 percent while the tablet market Android 17 percent. Meanwhile, Google does not want to respond to this news.

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