How to Anticipate FB-Twitter Accounts Hijacked

Posted by admin1 | Posted in Tips n trick | Posted on 20-05-2012


If our social media accounts have been hijacked, then the room! Because, his dealings can be long. For example, from the lightest, our account can then ‘ freeze ‘ or disabled. So we will lose various relationships with other people–especially if this long relationship are interwoven through the service only communication network of social media.
As for the high risk is if we do then your account to commit fraud. Both in the mode of business transactions, requests for assistance delivery of funds/pulse, and the like. While the most severe risk if it is to happen, violation of privacy or defamation of ourselves or our relationship. We may already be a victim of theft/piracy accounts, still it should be were beset by the problems that arise because of it.
So, do not carelessly in using any social media accounts. If we are very careful about keeping the KTP/SIM we not lost–because even take care of it or because our self identity is written in it, then for a social media account we need super extra more cautious again.
There are a number of tips and tricks to make your account we do not (easily) hijacked people, such as by using a password that is easy to remember by ourselves but difficult to guess by another person. Then avoid using online services that require us to enter a password, when using the internet in public places which we are not sure of the security.
Even if we did have to frequently access the internet in a public place, try the password we wear no ‘ one for all ‘ meaning one for all of our accounts. Because so one password has been leaked to others, then do so increasingly complicated.

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