Why Android Began left by Programmer ?

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Android starts slipping from the priority list mobile programmer. Web applications has become an alternative choice for a wide range of difficulties existing in Android development. The difficulty of coding in Android to be the main reason.
It is revealed from the Appcelerator survey, which is a cross platform tool for programming. During this time, Appcelerator is used by more than 280 thousand programmers to develop more than 35 thousand app.
From a number of figures, the programmer who claims to be very interested in programming in Android went down drastically. In the second quarter, figures confusion 78.6 per cent, now lives than ever before to reach 83,3 percent. An interest in Android tablet also continued to decline in the second quarter, from approximately 68.1 percent to 65.9 percent.
Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS is still occupying the top, just down from 91 per cent to 89 per cent for the iPhone. As for the iPad reached 88 percent.
“What we have seen in the last year is a drop in interest in Android,” said Mike King, principal strategist mobile Appcelerator. Mike was calling for results as the main reason.
According to Mike, a lot of developers who are not satisfied with the Division of the platform, as well as for the result of the sales benefits the application. “This makes it difficult if you’re a developer who makes money on the Android,” he said.
The developers want to have open operating systems. This openness means they will have fragmentation, because the device, screen size and features, will be a consideration.
However, Google can still take heart with the programmer to surpass Microsoft Windows Phone that was down about 37 percent. Operating system Research in Motion BlackBerry phones also kept slipping and now is at about 16 per cent.
Seems to be a web application, built with technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that runs using the browser engine, answering a complaint against Google programmer fragmentation.
Web application up slightly to 67 percent, passing the Android tablets in the last quarter. “That’s a response to fragmentation,” said Mike King.
As much as 79 percent of respondents said that HTML5 will become an important component in 2012. But, only 6 percent who plan to develop web applications that run in HTML5. The rest, more than 72 percent of the plan with the hybrid approach (mix) to make the original interface elements in an application which depends on the browser engine behind the scenes.
“A mix of original code has a number on the device, but its contents will be sent via HTML. Google Maps is a good example, “said King.
Google may be disappointed to hear this news. But, on the other hand gets a boost from major web application developers, especially for the personal computer that is running the browser Chrome and Chromebooks, who is also the production of Google.

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