Zombie Smash Android Game App

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Zombie-based games appear to be well-liked these days. this can be very true if the sport involves blasting out those zombies into smithereens. And for Android devices, the Zombie Smash game app would do over satisfy those zombie annihilation urges you will have.

The Zombie Smash game app for Android could be a survival game where players got to fend off those pesky zombies from attempting to raid into your home. it’s a tower defense game where zombies got to be kept out of your home. You get rid of the zombies by a flick of a finger on the touchscreen. however there’s additional to it than simply that.

The Zombie Smash game app is additionally a physics-based game where a flick can hurl the zombies faraway from the house. however pesky as they’re, the zombies arise and still try and invade the house. It takes some little bit of finger flicks to totally handle the zombies. Players can understand this when stars start off which can even be collected for points. There are totally different|completely different} zombies that will have different characteristics that players ought to have to be compelled to handle.

In order to assist players carry on with the influx of zombies, there are different weapons along the thanks to facilitate keep the invaders at bay. There are special upgrades like asteroids, wrecking balls, rolling boulders and additional. This makes the sport all the additional exciting to play and conjointly quite addicting. The Zombie Smash Android Game App is on the market at Google Play for a US$1 download.

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