Fashion of Lingerie

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Fashion may frequently be a mystery but things are about to get more transparent than ever. Lingerie lookbook ruled the runways for fall and continue into spring, and with them, a host of sheer fabrics. But boudoir dressing isn’t always an easy look to pull off.

It doesn’t really matter what amazing things you have created in the past, the fashion industry is fast paced and furious, you’re in one minute and out the next. Yesterday is history so you have to make sure that what you’re bringing to the table today is better than anything you have done before.

With that in mind it is safe to reason that designers should endeavour to make their campaigns perfect. Whilst you may spend months creating your collection making it a real labour of love, the buck doesn’t stop there. There is no point designing an immaculate collection and then presenting it poorly with a shoddy press release and sub-standard images. This industry demands perfection.

Your lookbook is the first thing publications, buyers and stylists see. If it isn’t great they won’t look any further.

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