Best android phones July 2012

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With instant access to email, the web, and your favorite media, smartphones became present in today’s digital world. In some ways, today’s smartphone market has become a two-party race between Apple and android. Different choices exist, as well as Blackberry and therefore the Windows Phone, however android devices and therefore the iPhone form up the bulk of this extremely competitive and profitable market. whereas the platform you decide on for the most part boils right down to personal preference, android delivers a few of distinctive edges that may create it value your thought if you’re wanting to form a switch.

Android Phones square measure quickly changing into the highest alternative for smartphone users. Android OS have already attracted several users and still create buzz around. In fact, android phones square measure same to be higher than iPhones in terms of higher stability and performance.  Factory-made by the Open French telephone Alliance, this mobile phone brings Internet-style innovation to the wireless phones. android phones use UNIX system as associate degree software package. it’s an incredible facility of permitting the developers to use Java language with the assistance of Google applications.

To begin with, android provides selection, one thing that different platforms lack. With android, you have got an enormous array of decisions once it involves smartphones and user interfaces on the market apps. A spread of android phones square measure offered by all four of the most important wireless carriers within the US, Unless you’re associate degree Apple follower, you’ll realize android provides the proper phone for you.

The additional options of associate degree android smartphone will play a stronger robust an improved and more accommodating user expertise. These embody a integral GPS, associate degree audio jack to attach headphones, and Bluetooth and Wi-FI property.

Finding best android mobile phones not easy, every android phone have different specification, as a result of any smartphone that excels in sure areas typically falls obviously short in others. Whereas there’s no excellent phone, the Galaxy Nexus comes shut. This android device is well rounded, with few and solely minor flaws. Here we inform the best android mobil phone july 2012.

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