How to Set Up A Wi-Fi Network

Posted by erlan | Posted in Internet Services | Posted on 21-08-2012


Wireless Fidelity or Wi-Fi could be a technology that’s accustomed produce a network between computers and net device (like modem) to exchange knowledge while not exploitation any wires. It principally works underneath high speed net connections. A Wi-Fi network is usually observed as wireless fidelity (Wireless native space Network) that is predicated on IEEE’s 802.11 standards.
Once you’ve got these items prepared, opt for an acceptable place for stacking up the router in order that you’ll handily access the web. you’ll then discovered a Wi-Fi network in four simple steps as follows:

1.     Link all the devices

First and foremost, connect your net electronic equipment to the Wi-Fi router exploitation associate degree coaxial cable. certify that you simply plug-in the cable to the port labeled  ‘Internet’ on the Wi-Fi router. Else, for majority of the routers, you’ll find yourself configuring it the incorrect manner. After that, connect your system to the Wi-Fi router with LAN jacks for the aim of router configuration
2. put together the network

Go through the user manual of the Wi-Fi router well before you begin configuring. Note that the default IP address of the router and go browsing to the address window through the online browser on your laptop. The login window can kindle admin username and watchword that’s ordinarily found within the user manual.

3.     Secure the network with a password

Once the router boots up, your Wi-Fi network is prepared to be used. The network are often accessed by anyone WHO features a intrinsic  Wi-Fi on the desktop, pill and smartphone. In different words the network is open for all. to prevent dishonest users from accessing the network, you’re suggested to secure it with a watchword. associate degree open network leads to the consumption of information measure by uninvited users and is additionally susceptible to cyber crimes being dispensed.

4. begin Browsing!

After securing your network, plug-out the coaxial cable and visit the Wi-Fi networks tab to search out all the wireless networks in your section. opt for your network, key within the watchword and begin browsing! See if signal strength is enough for quick access. If not, place the router to a a lot of convenient place.

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