Passive 3D Resolution Update

Posted by erlan | Posted in Home Entertainment | Posted on 24-09-2012


As way as I actually have understood up to currently, a passive-3D digital display flat panel displays 3D Blu-ray pictures within the following manner—the odd-numbered lines of left-eye info ar displayed within the odd-numbered lines on the screen, and therefore the even-numbered lines of right-eye info ar displayed within the screen’s even-numbered lines. As a result, the TV merely discards the undisplayed lines and every eye sees a resolution of solely 1920×540 pixels. However, the image on such TVs that I’ve seen appearance chiseler than this might appear to point, although I do ordinarily see skinny, black horizontal lines, particularly if i am too near the screen. the reason I’ve detected most frequently is that the brain fuses the 2 pictures into one 1920×1080 3D image, however LG tells a somewhat totally different story.
currently reviewing the LG 55LW5600, a 120Hz passive-3D digital display TV, for house. In his communication with the corporate, associate LG engineer in Korea explained that every eye truly sees the complete 1920×1080 resolution, however not all at an equivalent time. within the following discussion, confine mind the distinction between the lines of information—on a 3D Blu-ray, the visual info for every eye includes 1080 lines—and the lines on the show itself. Also, the TV converts twenty four frames per second on the disc to 60fps.

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