The Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A Reviews

Posted by erlan | Posted in Laptop And Netbook | Posted on 10-09-2012


The term Ultrabook has become therefore loose currently that near to everything that isn’t created by Apple and is transportable has the appellative ill-treated on that. the matter is that plenty of the kit free simply doesn’t cut it, with most being faraway from immoderate.

So however will it sq. up? will that 1080p screen and powerful i7 processor pack enough punch to relinquish it the mount the remainder of the super skinny competition? browse on to seek out out.


It looks nice and makes a persuasive various to the Apple approach to style. Sure, some may argue that Jonny Ive has it nailed, however provide the Zenbook Prime an opportunity and take a glance up shut, it actually is spectacular.

There is little doubt that the Zenbook Prime is transportable. For a laptop computer simply thirty two.5 x 22.4cm in size and consideration just one.2Kg, it’s straightforward to forget there’s associate degree i7 or i5 within and lots of computing grunt. Being therefore skinny will mean you get the sense that your wrists square measure being slowly sliced into, however this is not distinctive to Asus.


Normally we’d place however a laptop computer handles underneath the planning section of a review, except for the Asus we tend to patterned it merited its own. Why? as a result of it’s a trackpad quite in contrast to the other.

This is a shame, as a result of the keyboard on the Zenbook Prime is nice. it’s gratifyingly hardy and provides you many feedback once bashing away at the keys. Brightness shortcuts, volume keys and backlighting create it even higher.


The screen is such high resolution indeed that the native icons and text are often to a {small degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} too small to barter well. we tend to had to rectify this by pushing up the DPI to a hundred and fifty per cent. Even then text was as crisp as something.


The Zenbook Prime that we tend to tested was quite beast, coming back with a one.9GHz i7-3517U, 4GB of RAM, a 128GB disk drive and Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics. As Ultrabooks go these square measure pretty class-leading specs – though we’d wish to see additional RAM – and therefore the Zenbook Prime undoubtedly chugs on at a good previous rate.

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