There is no need to compress pdf files with your scanned documents

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Have you ever scanned your document to pdf file? It would be a surprise for me if you didn’t as pdf file format is becoming extremely popular nowadays and replaces conventional .tiff and .jpeg fast both at home and in corporate use scenarios. Why is it so popular? Simply, the key to its rapid rise to the market top is the versatility, valuable functions and, one of the major factors of success was also the creation of specific versions for different areas of business application. However, with mass popularity come similar mistakes most commonly made by users when working with document scan copies. One of the most widespread mistake is scanning the document and saving it as pdf file in very high resolution which is not quite good for sending them via email and not comfortable for the addressee to download. After such documents are created people start searching for ways to compress the document size and google: “compress pdf”.

One of the best things is that there are some options that allow you to convert pdf document into digital image and perform the compression of the document image. But this is not the most appropriate way to do this and simply not the easiest one as there are solutions out there which offer great compression ratios of your scanned documents at the same time providing the highest image quality level. In this case you do not have to be an experienced user to perform manipulations with pdf file, you will create pdf file that you will not have to reconvert in the first place!

Such software solutions are offered on the market by Cognitive Technologies group of companies. Located in Russian Federation, Cognitive Technologies were one of the pioneer companies to introduce its own OCR engine and later on the company had evolved into a strong player on the market of systems integration having various software systems to offer about cognitiveforms. Today, Cognitive Technologies is the #1 software developer in Russian Federation (according to Kommersant Money report, 2011) having the batch document processing systems and technologies stay on top of the competition by introducing breakthrough approaches and outstanding functionality plus performance.

One of key technologies allowing the scanned document compression is called Cognitive PDF/A which was developed using absolutely new approach to compression. When the document is being processed, system is looking at it and classifying the objects within the document as it was human eye and brain working together on reviewing this document page. Such innovative method allows great compression ratios to be applied only on the unnecessary or not important information which contributes to the overall document size: background, stains and graphic noise etc.

 Surprisingly, such advanced technology is available to every end user in a form of simple application. The product is called Compressimo, and its concept is in having no presets at all while the interface and work scenarios are clear and easy for everyone: three buttons are “Scan”, “Save” and “Send via email”.


Most of us scan to pdf now and then think of how to reduce pdf file size. It all happens because of us not utilizing the best practices and best-in-class solutions that are out there on the market. We will try to show you the way of creating the compressed and quality scan copy and suggest the software solution to use for this task.

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