Advantages of A Hosted Business Intelligence Platform

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When it comes to choosing business analytics software, you have numerous choices. By breaking the choices down into two categories, traditional and hosted, you can narrow down your options. Traditional business analytics software is software that you buy outright, install on a server, access on client computers, and use to extract data from a data warehouse. A hosted business intelligence platform allows you to extract, visualize, and work with data in much the same way as traditional business intelligence applications; however, the software is hosted and accessed online. Hosted software offers several advantages over traditional while delivering the insights you need to make smart decisions.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Business Analytics Software
Hosted in the cloud, business analytics software’s advantages are numerous and include the following:

· Minimal upfront costs – Hosted business intelligence applications are generally offered on “pay as you go” type plans based on the number of users or usage (Source: InetSoft’s Business Intelligence Applications). Since the software is hosted by the vendor, there’s also no need for investing in a server.

· Minimal IT costs – Again, hosting cuts costs because the vendor takes care of all of the behind-the-scenes technical tasks. This includes initial setup, routine maintenance, updates, new feature rollouts, and data backup. Depending on the solution you choose, IT costs can be trimmed further since IT involvement isn’t generally needed to create custom reports.

· Scalable – Most cloud-based business intelligence platforms are easy to scale up or down as your staffing levels change.

By choosing a hosted solution, you can reduce costs, put your IT resources to better use, and add or remove users as needed. Once you’ve decided that a hosted solution is the way to go, you can then hone in on Web-based business intelligence applications that are easy to use, secure, and capable of delivering robust data from a myriad of internal and external sources.

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