Argo Movie Review

Posted by erlan | Posted in news | Posted on 07-04-2013


The picture is, in effect, supported Mendez’s own testimony; like all spies’ tales, we’re entitled to our pinch of salt, however his story is simply thus unbelievable it compels belief: a surprising piece of unclassified secret history a couple of CIA-sponsored fake film. The ethical may well be that there is no business like show business, no show business just like the picture business – and you’ll just about suppose everybody uncritically kowtowing to its glamour and status.

Ben Affleck’s new picture as a director is a tremendous real-life caper straight out of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! It tells verity story of some ingenious effort on the part of a superb and unorthodox CIA agent referred to as Tony Mendez. This can be a watchable, pleasurable film, with some humorous and cliff-hanging moments, however it sets its face disconcertingly against caustic remark and mischief with a final lurch into slushy, liberal-patriot piousness. It’s as if Aaron Sorkin, in his most solemn mood, had suddenly confiscated screenwriting duties for the ultimate ten minutes.

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