Dodge Durango 2013 Review

Posted by erlan | Posted in automotive | Posted on 02-04-2013


The 2013 Dodge Durango may be a stiffer and additional refined due to an enlarged platform shared with the auto Grand Cherokee and its German cousins, the Mercedes-Benz ML- and GL-Class brutes. Chrysler’s six-speed automatic drive helps the V8 HEMI save gas and keeps the automobile from feeling like it’s stuck in overdrive — a painful expertise seasoned SUV suburbanites possible execrate.

Durango’s in fastness trim area unit offered in rear-wheel drive, however there is additionally full-time all-wheel drive. It works transparently and keeps the Durango stable on any less-than-perfectly sealed surfaces.

Given that the Durango shares its oily bits with the Germans, it’s no surprise that its road manners have improved greatly. Huge bumps area unit absorbed well, there isn’t abundant lean or roll through corners.

Other extras embrace second-row captain’s chairs with a tiny low console for $800, another $1,495 for the rear-seat DVD amusement package and $1,595 for the Technology cluster, which incorporates the radar-based controller and forward collision warning, beside blind spot and “cross-path” detection. Therefore equipped, Auto Guide’s HEMI-powered fastness model price just below $50,000.

When it involves competition, the massive V8 Dodge has fewer outright rivals than before. The new Ford somebody Sport is actually the nearest in terms of performance and car-based civility due to its 365-hp twin-turbo V6 and all-wheel drive and befittingly optioned comes inside a couple of greenbacks of the Citadel’s value.

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