High Quality Polycom Headsets

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Plantronics is a well-known name in the world of wireless headsets and one of the most popular ranges that they produce is the Polycom range. This range of headsets contains some of the market leaders in both popularity and quality. There are a number of different styles of headset within this range that cater for the office environment, home users and also for those who are constantly on the move.

Polycom headsets utilise the most up to date communications protocols in order to provide the best quality sound possible. The headsets are all compatible with Bluetooth systems and some also have additional compatibility with DECT base stations. The key to the sound quality is the avoidance of using Wi-Fi as the communications medium. This is because Wi-Fi signals can interfere with each and so can affect the quality of the conversation being carried out. DECT and Bluetooth are both digital protocols, which means that headsets and base stations can be paired so that communication can only occur between the designated devices.

A little care has to be taken when purchasing a headset to use with a DECT base station as there are several DECT standards and so the headset has to be selected so that it will be compatible with existing base station. It is possible to purchase a base station with a headset, which will remove any compatibility issues. The base station can also be used as a communications hub with multiple inputs, including a landline and VOIP services via a Bluetooth connection. Therefore multiple incoming lines can be managed through a single headset.

The Polycom range offers various headset styles to cater for a range of different requirements. Each headset is designed to offer the best ergonomics so that it can be worn comfortably for long periods of time if needs be. Many of the headsets are in the over-head format starting with the traditional single earpiece headset with the projecting microphone that sits in front of the mouth. There are also binaural versions of these over-head headsets that can allow a conversation to be conducted more easily in noisy environments as both ears are covered by headphones.

If a smaller, lighter weight headset is required there are versions that sit over the ear and incorporate an ear bud speaker in order to provide high quality sound to the ear in a smaller, lighter form factor. If a headset is to have multiple roles, or just needs more flexibility there are devices that can convert between over-ear and over-head setups by having an over-ear design that can also clip into a headband if a more stable headset is required.

All of the Polycom headsets that are available incorporate noise cancelling technology so that background noise is at least reduced, if not completely removed from the speaker sound enabling a clear conversation to be carried out even when moving around. The 100m range available between the headset and the DECT base station also provides additional flexibility in the use of headsets.

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