5 Reasons You Should Care About “Big Data”

Posted by admin1 | Posted in Technology | Posted on 09-05-2013


                It’s just one of those buzz words that won’t be going away. This concept of big data is more than just “data that’s big”. Big data analytics and business intelligence are going through a revolution right now, thanks to the exponential growth in total data, and the traditional methods of data warehousing and data analytics just aren’t good enough.So why should you care? What is Hadoop anyway? Even if you think data has no impact on your job or your life, it probably does. Here are 5 reasons why.

1)      Data is everywhere

90% of the data that exists in the world was created in the last 2 years. While data analytics has been around for decades, it has traditionally been thought of as “structured data” (point of sale data, research data, etc). Due to the rise of theInternet and social networks, there has beena tremendous increase in “unstructured data” on the Internet (pictures, tweets, blogs, and other similar content). Every time you post a picture on Facebook, or tweet something, that is data. It is out there, potentially being used for a variety of reasons.

2)      You are being tracked

Most people know that when you browse the web, you are being “cookied” by the sites that you visit.  Now, because of big data and Hadoop applications, it is possible to turn Facebook pictures, tweets and web surfing data into information. While this is already being done for marketing reasons (like the banner ads on Google), many more companies are figuring out how to use this data for predictive analytics; if a company can predict what you want to buy, they have a better chance of selling you their product. Unfortunately, there are security concerns surrounding peoples’ personal information flowing through the internet. Big data can also do things to catch the people tracking you for malicious reasons.

3)      Uses by theHealth Care Industry

 The large amount of data coming from clinical drug trials and the effect they have on patients is one reason the health care industry has been quick to implement big data and Hadoop platforms. For example, by analyzing the data from cancer patients, doctors are able to increase the quality of care, and more accurately prescribe medicine and treatments that work.

 4)      Hadoop is open source

The breakthrough framework that changed the way big data is stored and analyzed is called Hadoop. Think of it this way: if you have a huge task to complete, you would probably break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks. That’s the idea behind Hadoop: a new way of database management. This framework is open source, so everyone can customize their own versions. Because every data set is different, and needs a different solution, there is not one Hadoop platform that works for everyone. This makes a big data architecture complicated, and in need of data scientists.

5)      There is a huge demand for big data experts

There are so many uses for big data, companies that have expertise in big data and hadoop are hiring like crazy.  Implementation of a big data architecture is no simple task, and many so-called experts are still trying to wrap their head around this word Hadoop. The job market for business, engineering, and computer science experts that have business intelligence knowledge is tremendous right now, and the possibilities for Hadoop and big data are exciting.




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