High Performance Frameless Motors

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Do you need to skip the housing? If affirmative then frameless motors could also be right for you. A frameless motor could be a stator coil assembly and rotor assembly. There aren’t any bearings, housing, end bells, and most times shafts.

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Operationally a frameless motor and ancient housed motor are an equivalent. Rotor assemblies while not shafts enable the tip user to possess one shaft system. This direct drive improves dynamic response by providing higher dynamic stiffness thanks to shaft attachment elimination.

Frencken America could be a putative distributor of top quality equipments, tools, materials and frameless motors consisting of separate stator coil and rotor sub-assemblies for simple integration directly into the OEM system. Frencken America gives highly-skilled makers and engineers who can produce custom rotors and stators designed to fulfill your actual specifications for your frameless DC motor. Frameless motor technology helps alter advanced quality, manipulation and grasping, with considerably positive implications for artificial intelligence applications.

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