BlackBerry Messenger On The iPhone

Posted by erlan | Posted in news | Posted on 12-08-2013


Today I need to discuss with you the way we are able to simply install the blackberry traveler (bbm) application on the iphone.

But before we have a tendency to dive into that, I need to elucidate to you what the blackberry traveler application very is. Blackberry is in hand by an organization known as analysis In Motion (RIM). Rim is targeting business individuals. Thus they cypher all the info they use via their own servers. This can be why the business individuals love blackberry phones most, all their information is encrypted and can’t be browse by humans or different machines that aren’t in hand by rim and blackberry.

Blackberry’s even having a preferred chatting system known as blackberry traveler, or in short: bbm. All the messages that are sending by the users to every different are encrypted and may not be browse by attainable hackers.

People who have associate iphone or Android device produce other electronic communication systems like: iChat, And WhatsApp. Sadly for them, the messages that they send to every different aren’t encrypted, and may simply be browse by people who hack into your system.

Because iphone users don’t have the choice of a secure text electronic communication system, they usually need to use the blackberry traveler system on their iphones and iPod touches. As luck would have it for them, they can! there’s a brand new web site that gives them the blackberry traveler system for complimentary

The app is developed by the people who have access to the core of the blackberry traveler app, and that they have developed a version that’s compatible with the blackberry! You’ll be able to visit the page to transfer the blackberry version here: bbm on iphone.

The blackberry traveler for iphone and Android is totally free, and may be used on all versions of IOS, as well because the Android software. You’ll be able to use them on iphone, iPod touch, all Android phones. sadly the app isn’t compatible with the ipad

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