Effective Use Mind Mapping – A Few Crucial Tips

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Like most things in life, the power of mind mapping can only be tapped into by those that go about the process proactively. Sure mind maps are quick and easy to create, but at the same time you will not get anywhere if you take them for granted and refuse to put in the necessary effort.

Chances are however that even newcomers will find their first experience of mind mapping extremely enlightening and successful, but once you’ve got to grips with the basics it’s never a bad idea to pay even greater focus to how mind maps can be used even more effectively. There’s no right or wrong way to use and interpret mind maps as we all have very different styles, but there are nonetheless a few key tips which if followed at all times can lead to a much more effective mind mapping experience in any and all situations.

Here are five rules to follow:

Simple Phrases or Single Words

When you are writing something that is to be read in full by you or another person, you will naturally add plenty of words that are used only for contextual purposes to deliver the main point. This is known as padding and serves the sole purpose of making text more pleasant to read. With a mind map however it’s quite to the contrary. In this instance, the only words that have any place on the mind map are the single words and very short phrases that spell out the meaning in a short and sharp manner. To use padding on a mind map is to both clutter it and dilute its value.

Bold Lettering

Another great tip though admittedly quite difficult to carry out is to get into the habit of writing the words on your mind map in simple bold lettering that’s easy to read. We’re all guilty of jotting down notes in our handwriting that we ourselves are not able to read later on when we come back to them – a problem that can pretty much destroy the value of your mind map.


Where possible, be sure to use a variety of colors when producing your mind map to separate different subjects of importance or themes. Not only does this make it a great deal easy to remain within one theme at a time, but the color itself will also become a strong memory-jogger when trying to recall the information at a later stage.

Long Links

Just because there is one piece of information right at the top-left corner and another at the bottom-right does not mean they cannot be linked. If and when there are clear and important links between any of the information on the paper, be sure to draw them in regardless of the distance.

Pictures and Symbols

Last but not least, they say a photo says a thousand words and this is also true for the correct use of images and even smaller symbols. Where possible, always use these hugely helpful prompters to break up the text and also serve as memory-jogging reminders of the highest caliber.

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