How to Keep Your PC Clean – Inside and Out

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You store all your favorite photos, important documents and energizing music on your PC or laptop – so doesn’t it make sense to keep it in the best possible shape in order to ensure that it will last for years to come? Keeping your computer clean – both inside and out – doesn’t have to be a time suck, provided you perform the maintenance regularly. Here are five tips for getting your computer to run like a well-oiled machine.

  • Avoid eating and drinking around it. It is so tempting to settle in front of your computer, flip on some Netflix, munch on a sandwich and sip a Diet coke while you watch the new Arrested Development. But no matter how careful you are, crumbs always have a way of finding themselves lodged in your keyboard (or worse), and beverages can cause instantaneous and irreparable damage.
  • Lift and carry laptops by the base. While it’s comforting to know that there is data recovery software from in case your laptop crashes, you can help prevent an early death by picking it up and carrying it only by the base – not by the screen.
  • Keep laptop off of fabrics. A blanket. Your pillow. We like to rest our laptops on these types of things for more comfortable viewing or typing, but they restrict air circulation and can lead to over-heating. What’s more, the fibers from blankets, pillow and even your carpet can work their way in, wreaking havoc on the innards of your machine.
  • Back up data daily. There are tons of options for backing up your data, so whether you choose an external hard drive, cloud space or NAS devices, you should be keeping your data safe at the end of every single day. Depending on what type of program you use, you might have the option of setting an automatic back-up which can do the job at 3 a.m. while everyone is sleeping.
  • Defrag once a month. Defragmenting – or defragging – is incredibly easy and can help speed up your computer’s performance by making it easier for your machine to locate and open files. All you have to do is go to your C: drive, right click on “properties” and select “tools.” Most PCs running Windows will allow you to schedule a defrag.

Like a beloved car, regular maintenance is the way to keep what is probably one of your favorite tech gadgets working at peak performance.

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