Novatext to Launch NOVATEXT OCR Pre-processing Program

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New product set to help customers enhance image quality for superior optical character recognition.

NovaText corporation providing a low-cost online/desktop solution of digital document cleanup for better readability and more effective text recognition, has announced the launch of its innovative new NOVATEXT program. Billed by NovaText as the ultimate OCR pre-recognition software, NOVATEXT is poised to further assist customers with enhancing the quality of an image for quality optical character recognition. As a uniquely designed product, NOVATEXT’s potential, according to NovaText representatives, lies in automatic operation, batch processing to eliminate package size limitations, multilingual word processing and alphabet/hieroglyphic scripting and text applications in both printed and handwritten forms.

Over the past 10 years, digitization reached a colossal scale, states a NovaText representative. This phenomenon contributed to the rapid development and popularity in the field of digitization of texts for different purposes and parties such as libraries, technical and general archives, medical databases, databases of banks and insurance companies and even patent information. And, over the last three to four years, this mass digitization has become one of the most important issues in the world’s libraries in particular we’re hoping to change all that with our NOVATEXT protocol.

Beyond high quality text after digitization, the NOVATEXT program also allows for automating the process of digitizing, cleaning and recognition of data; improving the quality of OCR documents through the use of pre-treatment; significant reduction of labor expenses, costs and time to make corrections; the elimination of large numbers of correctors; reduced number of errors due to the complete or nearly complete elimination of manual work of digitized documents; the ability to revive previously scanned materials and more.

NovaText’s digital document cleanup solutions have been useful in many areas and cases, such as for placing digital copies on the internet for educational purposes, reprint reissues, manufacturing facsimiles, formation of breakaway funds in the form of electronic databases of graphic files, microfilming for results of digitizing and beyond.

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