Creating a Work plan for Your Thesis

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A goal without a plan is just a wish, Saint Exupery said. A plan is a schedule, a map, a guide, or list of necessary preparations designed to reach your goal or finish your biggest task. Same thing is true with thesis writing. A work plan is indispensable for hitting the target and to make sure that a researcher or writer would be able to finish the task in due time.
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What are the particular benefits if a researcher or writer made a work plan for thesis writing?

Planning helps the researcher become goal or results oriented. It makes a researcher keep his focus and motivates him to do all he needed to complete his work and produce expected results.

Planning makes the work manageable. It helps the researcher work efficiently since tasks are schedule. He only needs to take stages and not do everything at once.

Planning helps anticipate problems and readily avoid or resolve them. The problems predicted will help the researcher think of possible resolutions or alternate measures in case that something doesn’t work. It is more like having plan B, C, and D instead of having just a plan A.

Planning gives assurance for the completion of the task. Since the researcher will be familiar on the things he intended to do, he can accurately perform the task well according to the schedule.

If you are creating a timetable for thesis writing, you must first understand your goals because that would be your basis in making an appropriate plan which can help you reach that goal. Another important thing is, your timetable or work plan must include the activities or tasks, the duration, the start date and end date. You also have to make sure that the duration you have set is realistic and attainable. Effectively utilize all the time you have and don’t forget to mark all the things that you have accomplished.


Always remember the military saying that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Failure is what everyone wants to avoid. Nobody wants to do the same thing all over again, so give yourself a favor and make your thesis in good shape and pass it on time, but before that, MAKE A PLAN.

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